MailChimp wanted to say hi to the world in a MailChimp way.

So we made a bunch of stuff that soooorta sounded liked MailChimp.  

We made three short films.

They played in pre-roll and in theaters nation-wide. We advertised the heck out of them.

We created a music group ft. Dev Hynes and Bryndon Cook.

We made a hit single “Hymn” which has over 1.5 million streams. And an interactive music video.

We made a brand of pre-crushed potato chips.

And we sold them in bodegas, bars, and farmer’s markets. And yes, they were delicious.

We created a new hair trend for men.

This new hair trend was featured at New York Fashion Week, in Paper Magazine and French Vogue and more.

We invented a instrument made from whale noises.

And some serious musicians, like Brian Eno, used it. Check it out here

We convinced people to put snails on their face. For beauty.

We hosted a pop-up salon on top of the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA and the people went nuts for it.

We created an online battle for nail artists.

And it gained serious traction on Instagram.

We left a trail of bread crumbs back to MailChimp. 

Whether you googled it

Or stumbled upon one of the websites organically

All roads lead back to MailChimp. 

Behind all the silliness was an intelligent search campaign. 

If that doesn’t make sense watch this:


Grand Prix Cannes Lion in Cyber

Silver Cannes Lion in Integrated

Bronze Cannes Lion in Film Craft

Bronze Cannes Lion in Promo and Activation

With Droga5